Maine Revised Statutes

§5003. Findings and purpose

There is a substantial deficiency of decent, sanitary and safe housing available at affordable costs to lower income and moderate-income households in Maine which has a detrimental impact upon the State and all Maine citizens. As a result of significant increases in land costs, the substantial reduction in the role of the Federal Government in housing and a significant increase in the working poor population of Maine, the lack of affordable housing for lower income and moderate-income households threatens the health, safety and welfare of Maine citizens. [1989, c. 601, Pt. B, §4 (NEW).]

Affordable housing solutions are possible when there is concerted action among state agencies which is coordinated with local and federal resources. Municipalities, which may make a positive or a negative impact on the cost and production of housing through local policies and regulations, need to be included in the solutions to the affordable housing crisis. [1989, c. 601, Pt. B, §4 (NEW).]

Nonprofit housing developers are a key resource in meeting affordable housing production needs. Homestead land trusts are a key resource in keeping land affordable and available for affordable housing. [1989, c. 601, Pt. B, §4 (NEW).]

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