Maine Revised Statutes

§2177. County approval of secession

Upon approval by the voters to secede, both the county from which the municipality is seceding and the county that the municipality is joining under this subchapter shall hold a referendum vote during the next scheduled regular election. Both counties must agree by a majority vote in favor of secession. The question to be voted on must be in substantially the following form:

"Be it resolved that the voters of X (municipality) seek approval of the County of X and the County of Y to secede from the County of X and join the County of Y. Do you support X (municipality) seceding from the County of X and joining the County of Y and the municipality continuing to pay debt service owed to the County of X?
Yes No"
[2013, c. 210, §4 (AMD).]

2007, c. 401, §1 (NEW). 2013, c. 210, §4 (AMD).