Maine Revised Statutes

§41. Organization

The Clerk of the preceding House of Representatives in the same manner as provided for the Senate shall call the Representatives-elect to order and preside until they are qualified and elect a Speaker. If no quorum appear he shall preside, and the Representatives-elect present shall adjourn from day to day until a quorum appear and are qualified and a Speaker is elected. After the election of the Speaker, the House of Representatives shall proceed to elect by ballot a clerk and an assistant clerk. All revenues received by the document clerk in the performance of his duties shall be credited to the General Fund.

In case of vacancy in the office of such clerk, or his absence or inability to perform the duties aforesaid, the said duties shall be performed by his assistant.

If the Clerk of the House and his assistant are absent at the time set for convening the House, their duties shall be performed by the Secretary of State or his deputy. [1967, c. 503, §2 (AMD).]

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