Maine Revised Statutes

§22. Secretary and assistant secretary; salaries and duties

The Secretary of the Senate shall perform the usual duties of the office during the session of the Legislature, file and index all papers, which have been subject to adverse legislative action, index and supervise the preparation of the permanent senate journal. He shall perform the duties required of him by sections 21 and 23. He shall deliver to the State Archivist all papers on file in the office of the Secretary of the Senate which were considered by a session of the Legislature held more than 5 years previously, and the State Archivist shall inspect said papers and preserve those having permanent value. [1981, c. 702, Pt. X, §7 (AMD).]

The Assistant Secretary of the Senate shall receive a salary as provided by law and shall work under the direction of the secretary. [1981, c. 702, Pt. X, §8 (AMD).]

All fees, charges, emoluments and other receipts of whatever nature, which may be payable to the Secretary of the Senate, the Assistant Secretary of the Senate or any employee thereof, excepting their lawful salaries and expenses properly payable to them, shall be credited to the General Fund and no Secretary of the Senate, Assistant Secretary of the Senate or employee shall directly or indirectly receive a private benefit or gain from the sale or distribution of any material, information or reports from the records of such Secretary of the Senate. [1973, c. 3, §1 (NEW).]

The President of the Senate may authorize the Secretary of the Senate and the Assistant Secretary of the Senate to serve on a full-time basis when the Legislature is not in regular or special session. [1983, c. 32, Pt. I, §1 (AMD).]

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