Maine Revised Statutes

§159. Confidentiality of records

Records filed with the Legislative Information Office pursuant to this chapter are public records upon filing and are subject to public review pursuant to Title 1, chapter 13. [1993, c. 685, Pt. A, §4 (NEW).]

All documents prepared for or reviewed in the prehearing conference become public records pursuant to Title 1, chapter 13 at the conclusion of the conference unless 2/3 of the committee votes to seal one or more documents. If a document is sealed, it is exempt from public disclosure. [1993, c. 685, Pt. A, §4 (NEW).]

At the close of each legislative session, the Legislative Information Office shall review each official file, removing each sealed document and replacing it with an information sheet generally identifying the sealed document and noting its removal. The Legislative Information Office shall forward the file to the State Archives. The sealed documents must be destroyed. [1993, c. 685, Pt. A, §4 (NEW).]

1993, c. 685, §A4 (NEW).