Maine Revised Statutes

29 §2241. Suspension or revocation of license, registration or fuel use decal (REPEALED)
29 §2241-A. Secretary of State may require reexamination (REPEALED)
29 §2241-B. Surrender and return of license (REPEALED)
29 §2241-C. No operation under foreign license during suspension or revocation in this State (REPEALED)
29 §2241-D. Reinstatement fee (REPEALED)
29 §2241-E. Suspension (REPEALED)
29 §2241-F. Designees, agents, deputies of the Secretary of State (REPEALED)
29 §2241-G. Provisional license (REPEALED)
29 §2241-H. Notice of suspension by court; surrender of license to court (REPEALED)
29 §2241-I. Surrender of suspended license and registration certificate and plates to law enforcement officer (REPEALED)
29 §2241-J. Special provisions pertaining to persons convicted of operating under the influence or with excessive blood-alcohol levels (REPEALED)
29 §2242. Appeals (REPEALED)
29 §2243. Reciprocity (REPEALED)
29 §2243-A. Reciprocal and apportioned registrations (REPEALED)
29 §2243-B. Nonresident violator compacts (REPEALED)
29 §2243-C. Reciprocal taxes or fees on classes of motor vehicles; rules; revenue; violations (REPEALED)
29 §2244. Revocation or suspension for nonresident operator (REPEALED)
29 §2245. Notice of revocation or suspension sent to state of issuance (REPEALED)
29 §2246. Advisory and Review Board (REPEALED)