Maine Revised Statutes

§2389. Truck, trailer and combinations; limitations

1. Limitation on drawn trailers.  Only one trailer or semitrailer may be drawn by a motor vehicle, except that a combination of a truck tractor, semitrailer and full trailer may be operated on the Interstate Highway System and those qualifying federal aid primary system highways designated by the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation, pursuant to the United States Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982, Public Law 97-424, Section 411. "Driveaway" and "towaway" operations, as defined by the Secretary of State, may include a combination of saddlemount vehicles not to exceed 3 units in contact with the road.
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2. Converted semitrailers.  A semitrailer converted to a trailer by use of a converter dolly remains a semitrailer for all other purposes in this Title and is considered one vehicle while connected.
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