Maine Revised Statutes

§1805. Notices

1. Form of notice.  A repair facility must post the following notice in a place where it is reasonably likely to be seen by customers. The notice must be completed with information on charges and printed so that it is conspicuous and can be read by the average person.
The following form must be used:

Before we begin making repairs, you have a right to put in writing the total amount you agree to pay for repairs. You will not have to pay anything over that amount unless you agree to it when we contact you later.

Before you pay your bill, you have a right to inspect any replaced parts. You have a right to take with you any replaced parts, unless we are required to return the parts to our distributor or manufacturer.

We can not install any used or rebuilt parts unless you specifically agree in advance.

You can not be charged any fee for exercising these rights.

(We round off the time to the nearest .)"
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2. Flat rate.  The notice must also contain the following if it applies:
"We also charge a flat rate for some repairs. Our service manager will explain what a flat rate is and show you how much it may cost you. A flat-rate charge may not match the time actually spent repairing your vehicle. PLEASE ASK US WHETHER WE WILL CHARGE YOU BY THE HOUR OR BY A FLAT RATE. We use the same labor rate method in any estimate we provide and any bill you receive."
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3. Availability of guide. 
[ 2005, c. 189, §5 (RP) .]
4. Shop supplies.  If the repair facility charges a separate line item for shop supplies, the notice must also contain the following:
"WE CHARGE ....... FOR SHOP SUPPLIES. Our service manager will explain shop supplies and how much they may cost you."
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