Maine Revised Statutes

Title 28-A, Chapter  1: GENERAL PROVISIONS
28-A §1. Compliance required; penalty
28-A §1-A. License required
28-A §2. Definitions
28-A §3. Payments by check (REPEALED)
28-A §3-A. Payments (REPEALED)
28-A §3-B. Payments submitted to the bureau
28-A §4. Business days and hours
28-A §5. Prevailing time
28-A §6. Form of advertising restricted
28-A §7. Action not maintainable upon promise to pay for liquor
28-A §8. Entrances from premises
28-A §9. Separation of areas
28-A §10. Class A restaurant and off-premise retail licensee on same premises
28-A §11. Retailer on same premises as other businesses
28-A §12. Inspection of premises
28-A §13. Low-alcohol spirits product sold by wine licensees
28-A §14. Hard cider sold by malt liquor licensees
28-A §15. Display of signs