Maine Revised Statutes

Title 28-A, Chapter  100: MAINE LIQUOR LIABILITY ACT
28-A §2501. Short title
28-A §2502. Purposes
28-A §2503. Definitions
28-A §2504. Plaintiffs
28-A §2505. Defendants
28-A §2506. Negligent service of liquor; liability
28-A §2507. Reckless service of liquor; liability
28-A §2508. Damages
28-A §2509. Limit on awards
28-A §2510. Common law defenses
28-A §2511. Exclusive remedy
28-A §2512. Named and retained; several liability
28-A §2513. Notice required
28-A §2514. Statute of limitations
28-A §2515. Evidence of responsible serving practices
28-A §2516. Privileges
28-A §2517. Insurance records
28-A §2518. Informal evaluation (REPEALED)
28-A §2519. Approval of alcohol server education courses
28-A §2519-A. Rules
28-A §2520. Liquor service education