Maine Revised Statutes

§3. "Insurance" defined

"Insurance" means a contract under which one undertakes to pay or indemnify another as to loss from certain specified contingencies or perils, to pay or grant a specified amount or determinable benefit or annuity in connection with ascertainable risk contingencies or to act as surety, except that the following types of contracts are not considered insurance: [1997, c. 592, §9 (RPR).]

1. Charitable gift annuity.  A charitable gift annuity agreement, as defined in section 703-A;
[ 1997, c. 592, §9 (NEW) .]
2. Road or tourist service contract.  A road or tourist service contract, other than a contract issued by a licensed insurer, related to the repair, operation and care of automobiles or to the protection and assistance of automobile owners or drivers;
[ 2011, c. 345, §1 (AMD); 2011, c. 345, §7 (AFF) .]
3. Home service contract.  A home service contract whereby, for a set fee and specified duration, a person agrees to defray the cost of repair or replacement or provide or arrange for the repair or replacement of all or any part of any structural component, appliance or system of a home necessitated by wear and tear, deterioration or inherent defect or by failure of an inspection to detect the likelihood of any such loss; and
[ 2011, c. 345, §1 (AMD); 2011, c. 345, §7 (AFF) .]
4. Service contract.  A service contract as defined in section 7102, subsection 11.
[ 2011, c. 345, §2 (NEW); 2011, c. 345, §7 (AFF) .]
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