Maine Revised Statutes

24-A §4201. Short title
24-A §4202. Definitions (REPEALED)
24-A §4202-A. Definitions
24-A §4203. Establishment of health maintenance organizations
24-A §4204. Issuance of certificate of authority
24-A §4204-A. Surplus requirements
24-A §4205. Powers of health maintenance organizations
24-A §4205-A. Continuity of licensure; business combinations
24-A §4206. Governing body
24-A §4207. Evidence of coverage and charges for health care services
24-A §4207-A. Point-of-service products
24-A §4208. Annual report
24-A §4209. Information to enrollees
24-A §4210. Open enrollment
24-A §4210-A. Continuity of health insurance coverage (REPEALED)
24-A §4211. Complaint system
24-A §4212. Prohibited practices
24-A §4213. Regulation of agents
24-A §4214. Powers of insurers and nonprofit hospital or medical service corporations
24-A §4215. Examinations
24-A §4216. Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority
24-A §4217. Rehabilitation, liquidation or conservation of health maintenance organizations
24-A §4218. Regulations
24-A §4218-A. Compliance with the Affordable Care Act
24-A §4219. Administrative procedures
24-A §4220. Fees
24-A §4221. Penalties and enforcement
24-A §4222. Statutory construction and relationship to other laws
24-A §4222-A. Rules
24-A §4222-B. Applicability
24-A §4223. Filings and reports as public documents
24-A §4224. Confidentiality; liability; access to records
24-A §4224-A. Loss information (REPEALED)
24-A §4225. Commissioner of Health and Human Services' authority to contract
24-A §4226. Federal legislation
24-A §4227. Choice of alternative coverage
24-A §4228. Utilization review data
24-A §4229. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
24-A §4230. Trade practices and frauds (REPEALED)
24-A §4231. Insolvency or withdrawal; alternative coverage
24-A §4232. Replacement coverage
24-A §4233. Registration, regulation and supervision of holding company systems
24-A §4233-A. Extension of coverage for dependent children
24-A §4233-B. Mandatory offer to extend coverage for dependent children up to 25 years of age
24-A §4234. Child coverage
24-A §4234-A. Mental health services coverage
24-A §4234-B. Maternity and routine newborn care
24-A §4234-C. Newborn children coverage
24-A §4234-D. Off-label use of prescription drugs for cancer
24-A §4234-E. Off-label use of prescription drugs for HIV or AIDS
24-A §4235. Standardized claim forms
24-A §4236. Chiropractors in health maintenance organizations
24-A §4237. Coverage for breast cancer treatment
24-A §4237-A. Screening mammograms
24-A §4238. Medical food coverage for inborn error of metabolism
24-A §4239. Medical child support
24-A §4240. Coverage for diabetes supplies
24-A §4241. Gynecological and obstetrical services
24-A §4242. Coverage for Pap tests (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4240)
24-A §4243. Limits on priority liens; subrogation
24-A §4244. Coverage for prostate cancer screening (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4243)
24-A §4245. NCQA accreditation survey report
24-A §4246. Coverage for services provided by registered nurse first assistants
24-A §4247. Coverage for contraceptives (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4245)
24-A §4248. Coverage for services of certified nurse practitioners; certified nurse midwives (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4245)
24-A §4249. Mandated offer of domestic partner benefits
24-A §4250. Coverage for hospice care services (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4249)
24-A §4251. Coverage for general anesthesia for dentistry (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4249)
24-A §4252. Offer of coverage for breast reduction surgery and symptomatic varicose vein surgery
24-A §4253. Enrollment for individuals or families establishing eligibility for MaineCare
24-A §4254. Coverage for colorectal cancer screening
24-A §4255. Coverage for hearing aids (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4253)
24-A §4256. Coverage for medically necessary infant formula (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 4254)
24-A §4257. Coverage for services provided by independent practice dental hygienist
24-A §4258. Coverage for children's early intervention services
24-A §4259. Coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, §4258)