Maine Revised Statutes

24-A §2701. Scope of chapter
24-A §2702. Short title
24-A §2703. Scope, format of policy
24-A §2704. Required provisions; captions -- omissions -- substitutions
24-A §2705. Entire contract -- changes
24-A §2706. Time limit on certain defenses
24-A §2707. Grace period
24-A §2707-A. Notification prior to cancellation; restrictions on lapse or termination due to cognitive impairment or functional incapacity
24-A §2708. Reinstatement
24-A §2709. Notice of claim
24-A §2710. Claim forms
24-A §2711. Proofs of loss
24-A §2712. Time of payment of claims
24-A §2713. Payment of claims
24-A §2713-A. Explanation and notice to parent
24-A §2714. Physical examination, autopsy
24-A §2715. Legal actions
24-A §2716. Change of beneficiary
24-A §2717. Right to examine and return policy
24-A §2717-A. Disability benefit offsets
24-A §2718. Optional policy provisions
24-A §2719. Change of occupation
24-A §2720. Misstatement of age
24-A §2721. Overinsurance -- same insurer (REPEALED)
24-A §2721-A. Overinsurance in accident policies -- same insurer
24-A §2721-B. Flight insurance limitation (REPEALED)
24-A §2722. Insurance with other insurers, provision of service or expense incurred basis
24-A §2723. Insurance with other insurers -- other benefits
24-A §2723-A. Coordination of benefits
24-A §2724. Relation of earnings to insurance
24-A §2725. Unpaid premiums
24-A §2726. Conformity with state statutes
24-A §2727. Illegal occupation
24-A §2728. Intoxicants and narcotics
24-A §2729. Renewability
24-A §2729-A. Limits on priority liens
24-A §2730. Order of certain provisions
24-A §2731. Third party ownership
24-A §2731-A. "Medically necessary mastectomy surgery" defined (REPEALED)
24-A §2732. Requirements of other jurisdictions
24-A §2733. Policies issued for delivery in another state
24-A §2734. Conforming to statute
24-A §2735. Age limit
24-A §2735-A. Notice of rate filing and rate increase
24-A §2736. Rate filings on individual health insurance policies
24-A §2736-A. Hearing
24-A §2736-B. Order
24-A §2736-C. Individual health plans
24-A §2737. Noncancellable disability insurance defined
24-A §2738. Notice as to renewability
24-A §2739. Lapse of policy, advance notice; limitation of action
24-A §2740. Franchise health insurance law (REPEALED)
24-A §2741. Maternity benefits for unmarried women policyholders and the minor dependents of policyholders with dependent or family coverage required
24-A §2741-A. Mandated offer of domestic partner benefits
24-A §2742. Child coverage
24-A §2742-A. Extension of coverage for dependent children
24-A §2742-B. Mandatory offer to extend coverage for dependent children up to 25 years of age
24-A §2743. Newborn children coverage
24-A §2743-A. Maternity and routine newborn care
24-A §2744. Mental health services
24-A §2745. Home health care coverage
24-A §2745-A. Screening mammograms
24-A §2745-B. Acupuncture services
24-A §2745-C. Coverage for breast cancer treatment
24-A §2745-D. Medical food coverage for inborn error of metabolism
24-A §2745-E. Off-label use of prescription drugs for cancer
24-A §2745-F. Off-label use of prescription drugs for HIV or AIDS
24-A §2745-G. Coverage for prostate cancer screening (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2745-E)
24-A §2746. Optional coverage for chiropractic services (REALLOCATED TO TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2840)
24-A §2747. Review and arbitration
24-A §2748. Coverage for chiropractic services
24-A §2749. Utilization review data
24-A §2749-A. Penalty for failure to notify of hospitalization
24-A §2749-B. Penalty for noncompliance with utilization review programs
24-A §2749-C. Mandated offer of coverage for certain mental illnesses
24-A §2750. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
24-A §2751. Assessment of mandated benefits proposals; studies of mandated benefits issues (REPEALED)
24-A §2752. Mandated health legislation procedures
24-A §2753. Standardized claim forms
24-A §2754. Coverage for diabetes supplies
24-A §2755. Assignment of benefits
24-A §2756. Coverage for contraceptives
24-A §2757. Coverage for services of certified nurse practitioners; certified nurse midwives (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2756)
24-A §2758. Coverage for services provided by registered nurse first assistants (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2756)
24-A §2759. Coverage for hospice care services
24-A §2760. Coverage for general anesthesia for dentistry (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2759)
24-A §2761. Offer of coverage for breast reduction surgery and symptomatic varicose vein surgery
24-A §2762. Coverage for hearing aids
24-A §2763. Coverage for colorectal cancer screening
24-A §2764. Coverage for medically necessary infant formula (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2763)
24-A §2765. Coverage for services provided by independent practice dental hygienist
24-A §2765-A. Coverage for services provided by dental hygiene therapist
24-A §2766. Enrollment of dependent children in dental coverage
24-A §2767. Coverage for children's early intervention services (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2766)
24-A §2768. Coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 24-A, SECTION 2766)