Maine Revised Statutes

Title 24-A, Chapter  53: RECIPROCAL INSURERS
24-A §3851. "Reciprocal" insurance defined
24-A §3852. Scope of chapter -- existing insurers
24-A §3853. Insuring powers of reciprocals
24-A §3854. Name; suits
24-A §3855. Attorney
24-A §3856. Organization of reciprocal insurer
24-A §3857. Certificate of authority
24-A §3858. Power of attorney
24-A §3859. Modifications
24-A §3860. Attorney's bond
24-A §3861. Deposit in lieu of bond
24-A §3862. Action on bond
24-A §3863. Service of process; judgment
24-A §3864. Contributions to insurer
24-A §3865. Financial conditions; method of determining
24-A §3866. Who may be subscribers
24-A §3867. Subscribers' advisory committee
24-A §3868. Subscribers' liability
24-A §3869. Subscribers' liability on judgment
24-A §3870. Assessments
24-A §3871. Time limit for assessments
24-A §3872. Aggregate liability
24-A §3873. Nonassessable policies
24-A §3874. Subscribers' share in assets
24-A §3875. Merger or conversion
24-A §3876. Impaired reciprocals