Maine Revised Statutes

24-A §2501. Scope of chapter
24-A §2502. Industrial life insurance defined
24-A §2503. Standard provisions required
24-A §2504. Payment of premiums
24-A §2505. Grace period
24-A §2506. Entire contract
24-A §2507. Incontestability
24-A §2508. Misstatement of age
24-A §2509. Dividends
24-A §2510. Policy loan
24-A §2511. Table of installments
24-A §2512. Reinstatement
24-A §2513. Payment of claims
24-A §2514. Beneficiary, industrial policies
24-A §2515. Title
24-A §2515-A. Right to examine and return policy
24-A §2516. Excluded or restricted coverage
24-A §2517. Standard provisions -- annuity and pure endowment contracts
24-A §2518. Grace period -- annuities
24-A §2519. Incontestability -- annuities
24-A §2520. Entire contract -- annuities
24-A §2521. Misstatement of age or sex -- annuities
24-A §2522. Dividends -- annuities
24-A §2523. Reinstatement -- annuities
24-A §2524. Standard provisions -- reversionary annuities
24-A §2525. Limitation of liability
24-A §2526. Prohibited provisions
24-A §2526-A. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
24-A §2527. Provisions required by law of other jurisdiction
24-A §2528. Short title
24-A §2529. Nonforfeiture provisions
24-A §2530. Cash surrender value
24-A §2531. Paid-up nonforfeiture benefits
24-A §2532. Adjusted premiums for policies issued before the operative date of section 2532-A
24-A §2532-A. Adjusted premiums for policies issued on or after January 1, 1989, or elected operative date of this section
24-A §2532-B. Superintendent's authority to approve certain new plans
24-A §2533. Calculation of cash surrender value of certain policies on default
24-A §2533-A. Additional provisions for policies issued after January 1, 1987
24-A §2534. Exceptions
24-A §2535. Incontestability, limitation of liability after reinstatement
24-A §2536. Participating, nonparticipating policies -- right to issue
24-A §2537. Separate accounts
24-A §2538. Prohibited policy plans
24-A §2539. Holding proceeds of policies in trust
24-A §2540. "Wholesale life insurance" defined
24-A §2541. Short title
24-A §2542. Applicability
24-A §2543. Nonforfeiture provisions
24-A §2544. Minimum values
24-A §2545. Computation of present value
24-A §2546. Calculation of cash surrender values
24-A §2547. Calculation of paid-up annuity benefits
24-A §2548. Maturity date
24-A §2549. Disclosure of limited death benefits
24-A §2550. Inclusion of lapse of time considerations
24-A §2551. Proration of values; additional benefits
24-A §2552. Definitions
24-A §2553. Maximum rate of interest on policy loans
24-A §2554. Applicability to existing policies
24-A §2555. Inclusion of nursing home benefits in life insurance policies
24-A §2556. Notification prior to lapse or termination