Maine Revised Statutes

§954. Picnic areas

The department is authorized to construct along state and state aid highways roadside picnic areas, roadside springs, scenic turnouts or other landscaping where in the opinion of the department it may seem advisable and place distinguishing signs upon the same. The department is authorized to use for the maintenance of the same such funds as are now available for maintenance of state and state aid highways. In any roadside area along any state or state aid highway where modern flush toilet facilities are provided for public use, there must be provided toilet rooms that are accessible to and usable by the physically disabled, as set out in Title 5, chapter 337, subchapter 5. The department shall erect and maintain signs along the approach to any roadside area where toilet facilities accessible to the disabled are available that are designed to inform disabled persons that the facilities are available. [2011, c. 613, §25 (AMD); 2011, c. 613, §29 (AFF).]

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