Maine Revised Statutes

§7209. Bridges over canals or railroads; repairs; proceedings where unsafe conditions

A railroad may be carried over or under a canal or railroad in a manner as not unnecessarily to impede the travel or transportation on them. The corporation making the crossing is liable for damages, occasioned by making the crossing, in a civil action. Bridges and their abutments, constructed for a crossing of any way, shall be kept in repair by the corporation, or by persons or parties running trains on any railroad crossing a highway or town way. The municipal officers of any city or town may give notice in writing to persons, parties or corporations that a bridge required at the crossing has not been erected, or is out of repair and not safe and convenient, within the requirements of section 3651, or that the crossing of any highway or town way passing the railroad at grade, within their respective cities or towns, is not made or maintained safe and convenient as required by this section. Those persons, parties or corporations shall erect or repair the bridge or make the crossing safe and convenient within 10 days from the service of the notice. If they neglect to do so, any one of the municipal officers may apply to the Superior Court to compel the delinquents to erect or repair the bridge or make the crossing. After hearing, the court may make any order on the hearing, which the public convenience and safety require, and may by injunctions compel the respondents to comply with the order. The officers may, after 10 days from the service of the notice, cause necessary repairs to be made and the expense of the repairs shall be paid by the persons, parties or corporations whose duty it is to keep the crossing safe and convenient. [1989, c. 398, §8 (NEW).]

1989, c. 398, §8 (NEW).