Maine Revised Statutes

§7083. Call for meetings in cities and proceedings

Meetings for the purposes set out in this chapter in cities shall be called by the municipal officers, on the order of the common council, like meetings for the election of city officers and the council shall set forth in their order the substance of the proposition to be inserted in the warrant. At the meetings, the voters shall vote in wards by ballot, those in favor of the proposition in the warrant voting "Yes," and those opposed voting "No," and the ballots cast shall be sorted, counted and declared in open ward meeting and recorded. The clerks shall make returns of the ballots to the municipal officers who shall examine them. If 2/3 of the ballots cast are in favor of the proposition, the officers shall proceed to carry it into effect. Lists of voters for use at the meetings shall be prepared in the same manner as for meetings for elections of town or city officers and the lists shall be used at all meetings held under this section and section 7081. [1987, c. 141, Pt. A, §4 (NEW).]

1987, c. 141, §A4 (NEW).