Maine Revised Statutes

§3602. Notification to owners

After said assessment provided for in section 3601 has been made upon such lots or parcels and the amount fixed on each, the same shall be recorded by the city clerk, and notice shall be given within 10 days after the assessment by delivering to each owner of said assessed lots resident in said city a certified copy of such recorded assessment, or by leaving it at his last and usual place of abode and by publishing the same 3 weeks successively in some newspaper published in said city, the first publication to be within said 10 days. Said clerk within 10 days shall deposit in the post office of said city, postage paid, a certified copy of such assessment directed to each owner or proprietor residing out of said city whose place of residence is known to said clerk, and the certificate of said clerk shall be sufficient evidence of these facts, and in the registry of deeds shall be the evidence of title in allowing or assessing damages and improvements, so far as notice is concerned.