Maine Revised Statutes

§3025. Dedication and acceptance

No property or interests therein may be dedicated for highway purposes unless the owner of such property or interest has filed with the municipal officers a petition, agreement, deed, affidavit or other writing specifically describing the property or interest and its location, and stating that the owner voluntarily offers to transfer such interests to the municipality without claim for damages, or has filed in the registry of deeds an approved subdivision plot plan which describes property to be appropriated for public use. [1975, c. 711, §8 (NEW).]

A municipality may accept a dedication of property or interests therein by an affirmative vote of its legislative body. [1975, c. 711, §8 (NEW).]

Unless specifically provided by the municipality, title to property accepted for highway purposes after December 31, 1976 shall be in fee simple. [1975, c. 711, §8 (NEW).]

1975, c. 711, §8 (NEW).