Maine Revised Statutes

§2065. Judgment on appeal

If the judgment of the commissioners in favor of laying out, grading or altering a way, as prayed for, is wholly reversed on appeal, they shall proceed no further. In all cases when the judgment of the commissioners is reversed on appeal, no petition praying substantially for the same thing shall be entertained by them for 2 years thereafter. If their judgment is affirmed in whole or in part, they shall carry into effect the judgment of the appellate court. In all cases they shall carry into full effect the judgment of the appellate court in the same manner as if made by themselves. The party appealing or prosecuting shall pay the costs incurred since the appeal, if so adjudged by the appellate court, which may allow costs in such cases to the prevailing party, to be paid out of the county treasury. The committee provided for in section 2064 shall be allowed a reasonable compensation for their services, to be fixed by the court upon the presentation of their report and paid from the county treasury upon the certificate of the clerk of courts. The costs allowed the prevailing party and the fees of the committee shall be collected as provided in section 2053. This section shall not apply to any case where the judgment has been reversed on account of informality in the proceedings.