Maine Revised Statutes

§1919. Fees

An applicant for an official business directional sign shall pay to the commissioner an initial license fee not to exceed $30 for each sign, and an annual renewal fee not to exceed $30. The amount of each fee shall be determined for each year by the commissioner in advance of such year and shall approximate to the extent practicable the amount computed by dividing the cost of the administration of the official business directional sign program by the number of signs in existence in the prior licensing year. [1981, c. 318, §4 (RPR).]

The fees so collected by the commissioner shall be deposited with the Treasurer of State and appropriated to carry out this chapter. Such funds shall not lapse but shall remain a continuing carrying account. [1981, c. 318, §4 (RPR).]

1977, c. 494, §1 (NEW). 1981, c. 318, §4 (RPR).