Maine Revised Statutes

§154-D. Notice to vacate

No person lawfully occupying real property shall be required to move from a dwelling or move his business or farm operation without at least 90 days written notice from the department of the date by which such move is required. [1971, c. 593, §22 (AMD).]

Any person displaced by a taking or acquisition who remains in occupancy after the date of acquisition may be required to pay compensation from the date of the acquisition. The compensation paid by the displaced person may not exceed fair rental value of the property based on short-term occupancy. If the displaced person and the department cannot reach agreement as to equivalent of fair rental value for the initial 90-day period after acquisition, each may apply to the State Claims Commission in writing for such a determination. The State Claims Commission's jurisdiction to determine the fair rental value is limited solely to the initial 90-day period. Any compensation to be paid by the displaced person after the initial 90-day period must be determined solely by the department. [1999, c. 753, §2 (AMD).]

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