Maine Revised Statutes

§753-C. Absentee ballots for program participants in Address Confidentiality Program

Any registered voter who is certified by the Secretary of State as a program participant in the Address Confidentiality Program pursuant to Title 5, section 90-B is entitled to receive an absentee ballot for every election during the period of the voter's participation in the program. The clerk shall mail the absentee ballot to the voter at the voter's designated address as soon as possible after the regular ballots are available in the municipality. The voter shall mark the absentee ballot in accordance with the procedures set forth in section 754-A and shall return the ballot to the registrar in the manner provided in section 754-A, except that the voter may sign the voter's voter code under the Address Confidentiality Program on the absentee ballot envelope instead of the voter's name. [2005, c. 364, §8 (NEW).]

2005, c. 364, §8 (NEW).