Maine Revised Statutes

§693. Spoiled ballots

If a voter spoils a ballot, the voter may obtain a replacement, not more than twice, by returning the spoiled ballot to the election clerk in charge of issuing ballots. The warden, ward clerk or deputy warden shall write "Spoiled by voter" on the spoiled ballot and sign it. If a replacement ballot is issued to the voter, the warden, ward clerk or deputy warden shall also mark "Replacement ballot issued" on the spoiled ballot. The election official shall then segregate the spoiled ballot with any other spoiled ballots in an envelope labeled "Spoiled ballots" and shall package and return the envelope of segregated ballots in accordance with section 698. The Secretary of State shall provide the clerk of each municipality with either a label and instructions on proper handling of spoiled ballots or a special envelope printed with this label and instructions. [2003, c. 298, §1 (AMD).]

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