Maine Revised Statutes

Title 21-A, Chapter  11: BALLOT QUESTIONS
21-A §901. Petitions
21-A §901-A. Petition requirements for direct initiatives of legislation
21-A §902. Verification and certification
21-A §902-A. Copies of petitions required
21-A §903. Instructions to be printed on
21-A §903-A. Circulation
21-A §903-C. Direct initiative and people's veto petition organization required to be registered
21-A §904. Violations and penalties
21-A §904-A. Payment per signature; prohibition (REPEALED)
21-A §904-B. Payment for signature; prohibition
21-A §905. Review of initiative and referendum petitions
21-A §905-A. Public comment on initiative questions
21-A §906. Form of ballot