Maine Revised Statutes

Title 20-A, Chapter  609: SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION
20-A §15901. Definitions
20-A §15902. Administrative units
20-A §15903. Approval of plans and specifications
20-A §15904. Local vote
20-A §15905. State board
20-A §15905-A. Approval of nonstate funded projects
20-A §15906. Suits challenging school bond issues, security required
20-A §15907. Payment
20-A §15908. Design limits
20-A §15908-A. School energy efficiency standards rules
20-A §15909. Financing
20-A §15910. Requirements
20-A §15911. Community services; conditions of approval
20-A §15912. Inspection of facility; compliance
20-A §15913. School bus shelters
20-A §15914. Current fiscal year funding (REPEALED)
20-A §15915. Energy service companies and 3rd-party financing
20-A §15915-A. Telecommunications service agreements
20-A §15916. Federal construction aid
20-A §15917. School facilities inventory
20-A §15918. Maintenance and capital improvement plan assistance