Maine Revised Statutes

20-A §15670. Short title
20-A §15671. Essential programs and services
20-A §15671-A. Property tax contribution to public education
20-A §15672. Definitions
20-A §15673. Relationship to School Finance Act of 1985 (REPEALED)
20-A §15674. Pupil counts
20-A §15675. Specialized student populations; additional weights
20-A §15676. EPS per-pupil rate
20-A §15676-A. EPS per-pupil rate for units that do not operate schools
20-A §15677. Salary matrix
20-A §15678. Calculation of salary and benefit costs; school level teaching staff
20-A §15679. Calculation of salary and benefit costs; other school level staff
20-A §15680. Per-pupil amounts not related to staffing
20-A §15681. Targeted funds
20-A §15681-A. Other subsidizable costs
20-A §15682. Regional adjustment
20-A §15683. Total operating allocation
20-A §15683-A. Total debt service allocation
20-A §15684. School administrative unit contributions to total operating allocation (REPEALED)
20-A §15685. Weighted relative property fiscal capacity (REPEALED)
20-A §15686. Transition adjustment
20-A §15686-A. Review of essential programs and services components
20-A §15687. Rules
20-A §15688. School administrative unit contribution to total cost of funding public education from kindergarten to grade 12
20-A §15688-A. Enhancing student performance and opportunity; costs
20-A §15689. Adjustments to state share of total allocation
20-A §15689-A. Authorization of payment of miscellaneous costs
20-A §15689-B. Authorization and schedules of payment of state subsidy; appeals
20-A §15689-C. Commissioner's recommendation for funding levels; computations
20-A §15689-D. Governor's recommendation for funding levels
20-A §15689-E. Actions by Legislature
20-A §15689-F. Actions by department
20-A §15690. Local appropriations
20-A §15691. Municipal assessment paid to district
20-A §15691-A. Municipal assessment paid to a regional school unit
20-A §15692. Special school districts
20-A §15693. School budget; budget formats
20-A §15694. Actions on budget
20-A §15695. Bonds; notes; other
20-A §15695-A. Bondholders of school administrative units
20-A §15696. Penalties for nonconforming school administrative units (REPEALED)