Maine Revised Statutes

§13013. Professional teacher certificate

1. Definition.  A professional teacher certificate is a renewable certificate issued to an individual who has held a provisional certificate and has met the qualifications of this section, except as provided in subsection 2-A, paragraphs B and D.
[ 1997, c. 266, §16 (AMD) .]
2. Qualifications. 
[ 1991, c. 682, §3 (RP) .]
2-A. Qualifications.  State board rules governing the qualifications for a professional teacher certificate must require that the certificate may only be issued to an applicant who, at a minimum, either:
A. Holds a provisional teacher certificate and has taught in a classroom for 2 academic years or has held a professional teacher certificate that has lapsed within the last 5 years. In this case, an applicant must receive a recommendation to the commissioner by an approved support system pursuant to section 13015; [1997, c. 266, §17 (AMD).]
B. Is a teacher with 5 or more years of experience teaching within the 7 years prior to application in the State under a valid certificate in another state and who has graduated from a state-approved preparation program that utilizes the standards of a national association of state directors of teacher education and certification or a national council for accreditation of teacher education or a national board certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, or its successor organization, or, with the exception of the national teachers exam, meets entry-level standards for the endorsement; [1999, c. 75, §6 (AMD).]
C. Holds a provisional teacher certificate issued pursuant to section 13012, subsection 2-A, paragraph D and has taught for at least one year under a provisional teacher certificate; or [2001, c. 534, §4 (AMD).]
D. Is seeking to hold only adult education or from birth to under age 6 endorsements. [1997, c. 266, §17 (NEW).]
[ 2001, c. 534, §4 (AMD) .]
3. Endorsements.  The professional teacher certificate shall be issued with an endorsement which specifies the grades and subject area which the teacher is deemed qualified to teach. A holder of a professional teacher certificate may not teach outside his or her area of endorsement unless he or she has received a waiver from the commissioner in accordance with state board rules.
[ 1983, c. 845, §4 (NEW) .]
4. Five-year certificate.  A professional teacher certificate shall be issued for a 5-year period and may be renewed in accordance with section 13016.
[ 1983, c. 845, §4 (NEW) .]
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