Maine Revised Statutes

§1252. Methods of representation

The following are methods of representation. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]

1. Method A: Subdistrict representation.  Directors shall represent subdistricts.
A. The subdistricts, as far as practicable, shall be whole municipalities. If the municipalities are divided into subdistricts, then they shall be divided into subdistricts of approximately equal size as determined by the latest Federal Decennial Census or Federal Estimated Census. The municipal officers shall provide a separate voting place for each subdistrict of the municipality. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]
B. The boundaries of each subdistrict shall be determined by a majority vote of the joint meeting or reapportionment committee. Each subdistrict shall have one director, except that in a municipality comprised of 2 or more subdistricts, the joint meeting may authorize the election of directors-at-large. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]
[ 1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW) .]
2. Method B: Weighted votes.  Directors shall cast weighted votes.
A. The committee shall apportion 1,000 votes among all the members of the board. The ratio of the number of votes cast by the directors representing a municipality in relation to the number 1,000 shall be the same ratio to the nearest whole number as the population of the municipality is in relation to the population of all municipalities in the district, as determined by the latest Federal Decennial Census or Federal Estimated Census. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]
B. To assure the use of whole numbers, the 1,000 votes apportioned among the board members may be increased or decreased by not more than 5 votes. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]
C. A plan may not permit the voting power of any director to exceed by more than 5% the percentage of voting power the director would have if all 1,000 votes were apportioned equally among the directors. [2011, c. 171, §1 (AMD).]
D. In a municipality served by 2 or more directors, the votes cast by them shall be divided equally among them. The directors shall be elected at large within the municipality unless otherwise provided by municipal charter. [1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW).]
[ 2011, c. 171, §1 (AMD) .]
3. Method C: At-large voting.  Directors shall be elected at large by all of the voters in the district.
[ 1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW) .]
4. Method D: Other.  Directors may be elected by any other method that meets the requirements of the one-man, one-vote principle that is not included in Methods A, B or C.
[ 1981, c. 693, §§5, 8 (NEW) .]
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