Maine Revised Statutes

§11499-B. Agreement of the State

The State pledges to and agrees with the holders of any bonds issued under this chapter and with those parties who may enter into any contract with the authority pursuant to this chapter that the State will not limit, alter, restrict or impair the rights vested by this chapter in the authority until the bonds issued pursuant to this chapter, together with interest, including interest on any unpaid installment of interest and all costs and expenses in connection with any actions or proceedings by or on behalf of the bondholders, are fully met and discharged and such contracts are fully performed on the part of the authority. Nothing in this chapter precludes that limitation or alteration if and when adequate provision is made by law for the protection of the holders of such bonds and of those parties entering into contracts with the authority. The authority is authorized to include this pledge and undertaking for the State in those bonds or contracts. [2003, c. 455, §2 (NEW).]

2003, c. 455, §2 (NEW).