Maine Revised Statutes

§11497. Loan transactions

The authority may finance, sell, service, pledge, invest in, hold, trade, accept as collateral or otherwise deal in, acquire or transfer, all on such terms and conditions as the authority may specify, any eligible loan or portfolio of loans or loan pass-through certificate, pledge, including any pledge of loan revenue, loan participation certificate or other loan-backed or loan-related security. Any such transaction may be conducted by public or private offering. In connection with the financing or sale of an eligible loan or of a beneficial interest or participation in an eligible loan or portfolio of eligible loans, or other interest in eligible loans, the authority may enter into one or more agreements providing for the origination, guarantee, financing, purchase, sale, servicing, custody, control and administration of such eligible loan or portfolio of eligible loans. Any such agreement may provide that the authority, any other eligible lender, a financial institution, a credit union or other person may act as trustor, trustee or custodian under the agreement. Any such agreement may provide that, with respect to loans governed by the agreement, title to such eligible loans or portfolio of eligible loans or other interest in eligible loans is deemed to have been transferred on terms and to the extent specified in that agreement and that the effect of a sale of an interest in a loan is the same as a sale of a loan. The authority may issue or cause to be issued certificates or other instruments evidencing the holder's fractional interest in a pool of loans, which interest may be undivided or limited to one or more specific loans. Whether or not the certificates or instruments are of such form or character as to be negotiable instruments under Title 11, Article 3-A, the certificates or instruments are made negotiable instruments within the meaning of and for all purposes of Title 11, Article 3-A, subject only to such registration requirements as the authority may establish. [2007, c. 520, §7 (AMD).]

2003, c. 455, §2 (NEW). 2007, c. 520, §7 (AMD).