Maine Revised Statutes

Title 20-A, Chapter  112: PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS
20-A §2401. Definitions
20-A §2402. Public charter schools authorized
20-A §2403. Role of the department; commissioner; rules
20-A §2404. Public charter school eligibility; enrollment
20-A §2405. Authorizers
20-A §2406. Request for proposals
20-A §2407. Charter applications
20-A §2408. Charter contracts
20-A §2409. Public charter school performance framework
20-A §2410. Oversight
20-A §2411. Charter term and renewal
20-A §2412. Operations
20-A §2412-A. Audits
20-A §2413. Funding
20-A §2414. Facilities
20-A §2415. Miscellaneous