Maine Revised Statutes

§2659. Duration of withholding

1. Ended or released.  Immediate income withholding under a support order is binding upon an obligor's payor of income until:
A. The court orders withholding ended; [1995, c. 694, Pt. B, §2 (NEW); 1995, c. 694, Pt. E, §2 (AFF).]
B. If the withholding was implemented by the obligee as a private withholding action, the obligee releases the payor from the terms of the order in writing; or [2011, c. 528, §6 (AMD).]
C. The department releases the payor from the terms of the support order in writing. The department shall issue a release to end immediate income withholding if the department is unable to forward funds to the obligee for 3 months, in which case the department shall return the funds to the obligor. [2011, c. 528, §6 (AMD).]
[ 2011, c. 528, §6 (AMD) .]
2. Support paid; refund.  The department, or obligee if the obligee implemented the withholding as a private action, shall issue promptly a release of the withholding provisions of the support order in all cases in which there is no longer a current support obligation and all past-due support has been paid. The department or obligee, as applicable, shall refund the obligor amounts withheld improperly because a release is not issued timely. An obligee is liable to the department for amounts received from the department that the obligee is not entitled to receive.
Income withholding ordered under this subchapter may not be released or ended if the obligor has a current parental support obligation or owes a debt for past-due support, unless the court finds good cause or approves an alternative arrangement for payment of support in accordance with section 2657.
[ 2011, c. 528, §6 (AMD) .]
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