Maine Revised Statutes

§2255. Subpoena powers

In carrying out the provisions of this article, the department, through a request to the Attorney General or to an assistant attorney general assigned to the department, upon its own motion or upon the request of a party, has the power to subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance and require the production of any papers, books, records or documents that are relevant to determining the support obligation and the responsible parent's ability to pay or earn. [1995, c. 694, Pt. B, §2 (NEW); 1995, c. 694, Pt. E, §2 (AFF).]

Subpoenas must be issued in accordance with Title 5, section 9060 and served in accordance with the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure. [1995, c. 694, Pt. B, §2 (NEW); 1995, c. 694, Pt. E, §2 (AFF).]

1995, c. 694, §B2 (NEW). 1995, c. 694, §E2 (AFF).