Maine Revised Statutes

§323. Access to premises

An organization making application to the Chief of the State Police to conduct or operate "Beano" or "Bingo," an organization licensed under this chapter to operate "Beano" or "Bingo," a commercial beano hall permit applicant or a commercial beano hall permittee shall permit inspection of any equipment, prizes, records or items and materials used or to be used in the conduct or operation of "Beano" or "Bingo" by the Chief of the State Police or the chief's authorized representative. [1999, c. 74, §5 (AMD).]

The licensee or permittee shall permit at any time an inspector from the Department of Public Safety or the city or town fire inspectors of the municipality in which "Beano" is being conducted to enter and inspect the premises. [1999, c. 74, §5 (AMD).]

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