Maine Revised Statutes

§2853. Municipal officers may order nuisance abated

If no appeal is filed, the municipal officers of such municipality shall cause said nuisance to be abated or removed in compliance with their order, and all expenses thereof shall be repaid to the municipality by the owner or co-owner within 30 days after demand or a special tax may be assessed by the assessors against the land on which said building was located for the amount of such expenses and such amount shall be included in the next annual warrant to the tax collector of said town for collection, and shall be collected in the same manner as other state, county and municipal taxes are collected. [1967, c. 401, §2 (AMD).]

In the case of any claim for expenses incurred in the abatement or removal of any wharf, pier, pilings or any portion thereof which extends beyond the low water mark, the special tax authorized by this section shall apply to the land from which such wharf, pier or pilings extended or to which they were adjacent, provided the owner of the land is also the owner of the said wharf, pier, pilings or portion thereof. [1973, c. 143, §2 (NEW).]

Expenses shall include, but not by way of limitation, the costs of title searches, location reports, service or process, costs of removal of the structure, any costs incurred in securing the structure, pending its removal, and all other costs incurred by the municipality which are reasonably related to the removal of the structure. In addition to levying a special tax, the municipality may recover its expenses, including its reasonable attorney's fees, by means of a civil action brought against the owner. [1979, c. 27, §5 (NEW).]

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