Maine Revised Statutes

§647. Definitions


As used in this subchapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings. [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]

1. Adverse result.   "Adverse result" means:
A. Immediate danger of death or serious physical injury; [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
B. Flight from prosecution; [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
C. Destruction of or tampering with evidence; [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
D. Intimidation of a potential witness; [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
E. Substantially jeopardizes an investigation; or [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
F. Undue delay of a trial. [RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).]
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
2. Electronic communication service.   "Electronic communication service" means a service that provides to users the ability to send or receive wire or electronic communications.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
3. Electronic device.   "Electronic device" means a device that enables access to, or use of, an electronic communication service, remote computing service or location information service.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
4. Government entity.   "Government entity" means a state or local agency, including but not limited to a law enforcement entity or any other investigative entity, agency, department, division, bureau, board or commission or an individual acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of a state or local agency.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
5. Location information.   "Location information" means information concerning the location of an electronic device, including both the current location and any prior location of the device, that, in whole or in part, is generated, derived from or obtained by the operation of an electronic device.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
6. Location information service.   "Location information service" means a global positioning service or other mapping, locational or directional information service.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
7. Owner.   "Owner" means the person or entity having the legal title, claim or right to an electronic device.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
8. Remote computing service.   "Remote computing service" means computer storage or processing services provided by means of an electronic communication service.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
9. User.   "User" means a person or entity that uses an electronic device.
[ RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL) .]
RR 2013, c. 1, §28 (RAL).