Maine Revised Statutes

§706. District Court; warrants

Judges of District Courts have all authority and powers formerly granted by law to judges of municipal courts. [1999, c. 368, §1 (AMD).]

When a complaint or an information charging a person with the commission of an offense, or a duly authenticated arrest warrant issued by the Tribal Court of the Passamaquoddy Tribe or the Penobscot Nation, is presented to any Judge of the District Court, to a justice of the peace or to any other officer of the District Court authorized to issue process, the judge, justice of the peace or other officer shall issue a warrant in the name of the District Court for the arrest of that person, in that form and under the circumstances that the Supreme Judicial Court provides by rule. A clerk of the District Court may accept a guilty plea upon payment of fines as set by the judge. [1999, c. 368, §1 (AMD).]

A Judge of the District Court may try those brought before the judge for offenses within the judge's jurisdiction, although the penalty or fine accrues wholly or partly to the municipality of which the judge is a resident. [1999, c. 368, §1 (AMD).]

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