Maine Revised Statutes

§217. Extension of time of commitment

If the accused is not arrested under a warrant of the Governor by the expiration of time specified in the warrant, bond or undertaking, the judge or magistrate may discharge him or may continue the case for any further time not to exceed 60 days. If, after the expiration of any further time specified by the judge or magistrate, the accused has not been arrested under a Governor's warrant, the complaint shall be dismissed. Nothing in this section may be construed to prevent the rearrest of the accused upon a Governor's warrant issued subsequent to the expiration of the time period specified in this section. The court shall grant a reasonable extension of time under this section upon the representation of the prosecuting attorney that a written demand of the executive authority of another state has been issued but has not been received or acted upon by the Governor. [1983, c. 843, §7 (AMD).]

1977, c. 671, §15 (RPR). 1983, c. 843, §7 (AMD).