Maine Revised Statutes

§1981. Payment over of fines and costs collected

Sheriffs, jailers and constables who by virtue of their office receive any fines or forfeitures, shall forthwith pay them to the Treasurer of State. [1977, c. 114, §30 (AMD).]

If any such officer neglects to pay over such fine or forfeiture for 30 days after the receipt thereof; or if he permits any person, sentenced to pay such fine or forfeiture and committed to his custody, to go at large without payment, unless by order of court, and does not within 30 days after the escape pay the amount thereof to the clerk of the court, he forfeits to the State double the amount. The Treasurer of State shall give notice of such neglect to the Attorney General, who shall sue therefor in a civil action in the name of such treasurer. [1977, c. 114, §31 (AMD).]

All such fines imposed by the District Court shall be paid over to the District Court.

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