Maine Revised Statutes

§814. Trespass on wild lands; notice to quit; record; private roads in unorganized territory

If any person without right dwells upon or in any manner occupies any lands which on the first day of April, 1883 were wild lands, any owner of such wild lands or of any legal or equitable interest therein may cause a notice to quit such lands to be served upon such person by any sheriff or deputy sheriff, by giving the same to such person in hand. Such officer shall make his return upon a copy of such notice certified by him to be a true copy, and within 60 days thereafter such owner may cause such copy and return to be recorded in the registry of deeds in the county or district where said land is located. Proceedings had and taken as specified shall bar such person who has so entered or dwells upon such wild land from obtaining any rights by adverse possession to the land upon which he has so entered. Such person shall be entitled to the benefits of all the provisions of law relating to betterments.

In roads privately owned in unorganized territory notwithstanding the other provisions of this subchapter, no title or interest shall be acquired against the owners thereof by adverse possession, prescription or acquiescence, however exclusive or long continued.