Maine Revised Statutes

§803. Right deemed to accrue

The right of entry or of action to recover land, as used in this subchapter, first accrues at the following times:

1. When disseized.  When a person is disseized, at the time of such disseizin;
2. Heir or devisee.  When he claims as heir or devisee of one who died seized, at the time of such death, unless there is a tenancy by the curtesy or other estate intervening after the death of the ancestor or devisor; in that case, his right accrues when such intermediate estate expires, or would expire by its own limitation;
3. Intermediate estate.  When there is such an intermediate estate, and in all cases, when the party claims by force of any remainder or reversion, his right accrues when the intermediate estate would expire by its own limitation, notwithstanding any forfeiture thereof for which he might enter at an earlier time.