Maine Revised Statutes

§7505. No waste by part owner without notice

If any joint tenant or tenant in common of undivided lands cuts down, destroys or carries away trees, timber, wood or underwood, standing or lying on such lands, or digs up or carries away ore, stone or other valuable thing found thereon, or commits strip or waste, without first giving 30 days' notice in writing under his hand to all other persons or to their agents or attorneys, and to mortgagors and mortgagees if any there are interested therein, of his intention to enter upon and improve the land; which notice to such persons interested as are unknown, or whose residence is unknown or who are out of the State may be published in the state paper 3 times, the first publication to be 40 days before such entry; or if he does any such acts pending a process for partition of the premises, he shall forfeit 3 times the amount of damages. Any one or more of the cotenants, without naming the others, may sue for and recover their proportion of such damages.