Maine Revised Statutes

§706. Execution of precepts when officer disqualified

If any officer who has commenced the service or execution of a precept becomes disqualified, it may be completed by any other qualified officer with the same legal effect. If any officer aforesaid has made, in fact, any service, attachment or levy by virtue of any process placed in his hands for service and for any cause has not made his return thereon, such return shall be made by a sheriff, any deputy or other proper officer under direction of a Justice of the Superior Court held in the county where said writ is returnable, the facts to be set forth by said officer in said return to be proved to the satisfaction of said justice. If a deputy sheriff dies after he has served and returned a precept, the sheriff if alive, and if not, any deputy in commission at the time of such service may be allowed by the court to amend such return as the officer who made it might, but the rights of third parties shall not be affected thereby.