Maine Revised Statutes

§6706. Installment payments by defendant

At the end of one year, execution may issue for such sum with one year's interest thereon and costs, unless the defendant shall have deposited with the clerk of the court for the plaintiff's use, one year's interest on said sum, and 1/3 of the principal sum, and all the costs, if taxed and filed, and in that case no execution shall issue at the time.

If within 2 years after the rendition of judgment, the defendant pays one year's interest on the balance of the judgment due and 1/3 of the original judgment, execution shall be further stayed. Otherwise it may issue for 2/3 of the original amount of the judgment and interest thereon.

If the defendant, within 3 years after judgment, pays into the clerk's office the remaining 1/3 and interest thereon, having made the other payments, execution shall never issue. Otherwise, it may issue for the 1/3 and one year's interest thereon. The premises shall be held as security for the amount of the judgment, liable to be taken in execution for the amount and interest, until 60 days after an execution might have issued, notwithstanding any intermediate conveyance, attachment or seizure upon execution; and such execution may be extended on said land or any part of it; or it may be sold on execution like an equity of redemption; in either case, subject to the right of redemption as in those cases. An execution or writ of possession may issue at any time within 3 months after default of payment by the defendant, in cases mentioned in this section, although it is more than a year after the rendition of judgment.