Maine Revised Statutes

§6352. Definitions -- Article II

For the purpose of this compact the following definitions shall apply:

1. State.  A state shall mean
A. A state of the United States or any territory or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia acting under Article I, section 10, clause 3, of the Constitution of the United States in entering this compact with an American or a foreign jurisdiction, or
B. A state of the community of nations and any component governmental unit of such a state which under the laws thereof may validly become party to this compact.
2. Person.  A person shall include any entity capable of suing or being sued in the state in which the interpleader is pending.
3. Interpleader.  Interpleader shall mean a judicial procedure by which 2 or more persons who have adverse claims against a 3rd person may be required to litigate these claims in one proceeding.