Maine Revised Statutes

§6301. Accounting required

Any mortgagor or other person having a right to redeem lands mortgaged may demand of the mortgagee or person claiming under the mortgagee a true account of the sum due on the mortgage, and of the rents and profits, and money expended in repairs and improvements, if any. If the mortgagee unreasonably refuses or neglects to render such an account in writing, or in any other way by default prevents the plaintiff from performing or tendering performance of the condition of the mortgage, the mortgagor may bring a civil action for the redemption of the mortgaged premises within the time limited in former section 6204, and therein offer to pay the sum found to be equitably due, or to perform any other condition, as the case may require. Such an offer has the same force as a tender of payment or performance before the commencement of the action. The action must be sustained without such a tender, and thereupon the mortgagor is entitled to judgment for redemption and costs. [2007, c. 391, §7 (AMD).]

2007, c. 391, §7 (AMD).