Maine Revised Statutes

§5518. Form of writ

When such writ is issued on an application in behalf of any person described in section 5512, it shall be substantially as follows:

"C...., ss. To A. B., of ....;
(L.S.) Greeting.

"We command you, that you have the body of C. D., in our prison, at ...., under your custody," (or by you imprisoned and restrained of his liberty, as the case may be,) "as it is said, together with the day and cause of his taking and detaining, by whatever name he is called or charged, before our Supreme Judicial" (or Superior) "Court, held at ...., within and for the County of ...., immediately after the receipt of this writ, to do and receive what our said court shall then and there consider concerning him in this behalf, and have you there this writ.

"Witness ........., Esquire, our ...., at ...., this.... day of ...., in the year 19...

.... ...., Clerk."

The like form shall be used by any justice of said court, changing what should be changed, when such writ is awarded by him.