Maine Revised Statutes

§4701. Execution stayed one year unless bond given

Execution shall not issue upon a judgment by default against an absent defendant in a personal action who has no actual notice thereof until one year after entry of the judgment unless the plaintiff first gives bond to the defendant with one or more sureties in double the amount of damages and costs, conditioned to repay to the defendant the amount of the judgment or any part thereof from which he may ultimately be relieved as a result of motion therefor. If a bond is given, any attachment of real or personal property or attachment on trustee process shall continue for 60 days after the bond is filed with the court. If a bond is not given, any such attachment shall continue for one year and 60 days after entry of the default judgment. If the defaulted defendant files within one year of the default judgment a motion for relief therefrom, any such attachment shall continue until 60 days after denial of the motion, if it is denied, and if the motion is granted in whole or in part, shall continue for the same period as the attachment would have continued if the default judgment had not been entered.